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I have been a police scanner user for 35 years and have supplied live audio feeds streamed over the internet for one of the most well known police scanner apps available. I have created several police scanning websites that became quite popular with the people who share my interest. Brand building out ideas we have established our selves via social networks including Face book.

For most applications, the ultimate source of audio is a fleet of scanner radios. A "scanner" is a specialized radio receiver that monitors communications broadcast over the public airwaves. Various entities (both public safety agencies and corporate organizations) are licensed to utilize radio spectrum for two-way communications, and when voice transmissions are "in the clear" (not encrypted) they can be monitored by any member of the public with commonly available radio receiver equipment. In some cases, this capacity is an important feature for the broadcasting organization; for example, many volunteer fire departments depend upon volunteers in the public being able to monitor their communications through consumer-grade radio equipment. And it is widely understood that news media access to certain public safety communications is beneficial for the dissemination of accurate information. Monitoring public safety agencies provides real-time situational awareness of what's unfolding in areas affected by a disaster. Public safety communications are broadcast on the public airwaves, and this stream of information can be monitored by other agencies or organizations without any burden on the agencies directly responding to the disaster. This is a way to get real-time on-site reports from the scene, while everyone remains focused on their core mission -- people on-site directly addressing the problem, and people further away preparing to send aid.

Programming Your police Scanner:

You must program the local police and fire department frequencies in your police scanner course before you begin listening to Police scanner audio feeds. This is akin to entering your favorite AM-FM radio station, but there are a lot more public safety frequencies to choose from. There are a few ways to go about programming your scanner. First, you can buy one of our frequency guides to program the radios yourself. After reading the scanner owner's manual to understand the programming process, you look up the frequencies and the trunking system details in our police scanner data base and then enter the information into the radio. Some web sites also maintain this data. The frequency database offer a wealth of information on all sorts of public and private entities that use radio including police, fire, EMS, DOT, DPW, fire towers, railroads, utilities, colleges, malls, auto racing and so much more. If learning the programming process and finding the frequencies doesn't appeal to you, you can have a 3rd party program your police scanner. online police scanner live feeds are provided free of charge.

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NYPD Manhattan - 1st, 5th, and 7th Pcts audio archives

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