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Police Scanners offer live broadcasts from ongoing law enforcement and fire department events. Whether you're looking to follow breaking news or just want to see what's up in your neighborhood or listen to free local live police scanner, you can do so with these live streaming feeds, right in your Web browser. No scanner equipment or downloads required. you can listen to thousands of live feeds right on your computer served from our player. Police Scanner Radio Apps: iPad/iPhone Apps coming soon.

free local live police scanner make it easy and fun to keep up with whats going on around town or in your city. All from the convenience of your internet connected device. Tune in to our live police scanner feeds and listen to the action as it happens. Listen to free streaming police and fire scanners internet radio in your browser. Browse our police and fire scanners internet radio station player.

Do I need a Digital capable police scanner?
If none of the systems you want to monitor are 'digital', (or won't be going digital soon [?]) don't buy a digital capable scanner for more than double the cost of a analog trunking scanner and wait for a digital system in your area. Digital scanning is still new and very awkward to program with the current scanners. Wait until the programming has been refined a little better/easier and until you really need one. Note that a lot of the newer digital trunking systems operate in the 700MHz band and not all of the older digital police scanners will receive 700MHz.

Buy only what you need:
The Police scanner Database is a good place to see what there is in your area to scan. Digital systems are becoming more popular with many agencies. Trunking is here to stay but still not used all over. If you don't need a trunking radio there are plenty of conventional and wide-band scanners out there that receive a whole lot better with better features.

The Uniden BCD396XT comes with a multi-color back lit display and memory for 15,000 stations. You can program the scanner with up to 500 Trunked systems or 25,000 channels. It is GPS supported providing you with location-based scanning, crow-flight navigation and location alerts. It comes with Fire Tone-Out alerts while the band scope provides you with a graphic representation of signal activity. The Close Call RF capture tunes in to nearby signals without encoding required. Setting up the scanners easily done via the PC programming and the Trunk-Tracker IV digital scanning lets you monitor APCO 25, EDACS, LTR systems, and Motorola conventional channel systems. It provides band coverage of 25MHz to 1.3GHz that excludes UHF TV and cellular S.A.M.E weather alert and public safety scanners.


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The Uniden HomePatrol-1 is a simple program police scanner – enter your zip code and the police scanner with easy touch screen does the rest for you. Its programs into open two-way radio signals to provide you with information on public safety, weather, aircraft, and emergencies. The police scanners easily mounted in your vehicle with a vehicle mount and you can record broadcasts and play them back when needed on its available 4-gig memory. It comes with software included with easy updates and headset capable. With the quick hold you can lock on any system, channel or department while the on-screen controls let you access features quickly. police scanners live on our site.

Programming Your police Scanner:

You must program the local police and fire department frequencies in your police scanner course before you begin listening. This is akin to entering your favorite AM-FM radio station, but there are a lot more public safety frequencies to choose from. There are a few ways to go about programming your scanner. First, you can buy one of our frequency guides to program the radios yourself. After reading the scanner owner's manual to understand the programming process, you look up the frequencies and the trunking system details in our police scanner data base and then enter the information into the radio. Some web sites also maintain this data. The frequency database offer a wealth of information on all sorts of public and private entities that use radio including police, fire, EMS, DOT, DPW, fire towers, railroads, utilities, colleges, malls, auto racing and so much more. If learning the programming process and finding the frequencies doesn't appeal to you, you can have a 3rd party program your police scanner. online police scanner live feeds are provided free of charge.

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