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Frequency Output  Frequency Input  FCC Callsign  Agency/Category  Description  Alpha Tag   
0.00000159.14250WPVP572ChelseaPublic WorksChelsea DPW View
3.965000.00000AL Severe Weather HF OperationsPrimary Ops LSB ModeHF Ops Pri View
7.243000.00000AL Severe Weather HF OperationsSecondary Ops LSB ModeHF Ops Sec View
32.825000.00000Fort Rucker Military Air Traffic ControlLowe Army Heliport Tower oldLOR Tower 1 View
37.180000.00000WQFG307 Marshall CountyMarshall County 911 VHF LowMC 911 VLow View
37.4600039.44000WPAG794AL Utilities North Alabama Electric CooperativeBridgeport Grant repeatersNAEC Brdgprt View
37.7000039.44000WPAG794AL Utilities North Alabama Electric CooperativeScottsboro repeaterNAEC Sctsbro View
37.980000.00000KNHT508Marion CountyCounty Highway DeptMC Roads View
43.100000.00000WQT723Businesses MiscellaneousSuperior Gas PiedmontSuperiorGas View
43.140000.00000WQCT554Businesses MiscellaneousWebb Concrete CompanyWebbConcrete View
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