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Frequency Output  Frequency Input  FCC Callsign  Agency/Category  Description  Alpha Tag   
43.140000.00000WQCT554Businesses BusinessesWebb Concrete CompanyWebbConcrete View
45.160000.00000WNAW804AL Corrections Holman PrisonHolman Prison Low BandHolman Low View
45.160000.00000WNAQ434AL Corrections Limestone Correctional FacilityLimestone Operations 2LCF Ops 2 View
45.160000.00000WPKV490AL Corrections Bibb County Correctional FacilityBibb County Operations 1BCCF Ops 1 View
45.240000.00000WZC653Pickens CountyPickens Water DeptPickensWater View
45.440000.00000KUB840HaleyvilleDPW View
45.600000.00000KRC569Covington CountyHighway DepartmentCovgtn Hwy View
45.640000.00000WPJW530Pickens CountyPickens Water Sewer AuthorityPickensSewer View
45.800000.00000WPIY522DecaturStreet SanitationDec Str/San View
45.980000.00000KNJN759AL Corrections Limestone Correctional FacilityLimestone Operations 1LCF Ops 1 View
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