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Frequency Output  Frequency Input  FCC Callsign  Agency/Category  Description  Alpha Tag   
9999.999990.00000WPYC607Patterson CityPolice View
4988.000000.00000WQEP402FremontPublic Safety Ops View
4987.000000.00000WQEP402FremontPublic Safety Ops View
4986.000000.00000WQEP402FremontPublic Safety Ops View
4943.000000.00000WQEP402FremontPublic Safety Ops View
4942.000000.00000WQEP402FremontPublic Safety Ops View
4941.000000.00000WQEP402FremontPublic Safety Ops View
4940.000000.00000WQBM411AlpharettaPoliceFire Mobile Data Link Mobile Data View
4940.000000.00000WQBJ860Post Falls City ofPolice MOTOMESHPFPD WiFi View
4940.000000.00000WQDW553HaysHays Police Mobile Data Termnals WiFiHays PD MDTs View
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Our website is in no way associated with any of the agencies / websites being broadcast. By listening to the information heard on this website you are agreeing to use it for entertainment / safety information only. Any misuse of these live feeds may lead to criminal charges, please do your part by monitoring in a responsible manner!
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