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Frequency Output  Frequency Input  FCC Callsign  Agency/Category  Description  Alpha Tag   
156.015000.00000WPZW685Zuni Tribal NationZuni WildlifeZUNI ACO View
453.512500.00000WPKJ353Zuni Tribal NationServicesZUNI SERVICE View
153.78500155.83500WPKJ353Zuni Tribal NationZuni SchoolsZuni SCHL View
153.747500.00000WQCK725Zuni Tribal NationZuni Game and FishZUNI WLDLFE View
159.550000.00000Zuni Tribal NationZuni Schools MaintenanceZUNI SCHL M View
155.10000158.94000KNEX607Zuni Tribal NationZuni Police DepartmentZUNI PD View
153.27500158.32500Zuni Tribal NationZuni BusinessZUNI CITY View
453.900000.00000WPKK641Zuni Tribal NationWater UtilitiesZUNI WATER View
171.025000.00000WPSL729Zuni Pueblo ofFlood Warning AlarmFLOOD WRNG View
380.350000.00000ZTL Enroute FrequenciesZTL Foothills380.3500 View
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